Sunday, January 22, 2012

INVASION Upon The Desert

Us on top of "Q Mountain" over looking town - sea of white is mostly RV tops
This quaint town has a population of 3800 full-time resident, however it starts growing in September when the snowbirds come rolling in.  The winter season (September – April) is when this town really grows with over 2 million visitors.   Well, this last week the desert got invaded when hundreds of people and their rigs took over, it wasn't too bad up to this point.  What’s all the excitement? All this just to partake in the 45th Annual POW WOW, Rock & Mineral Show (Jan 18-22), The BIG Sport  -RV & Travel Show (Jan 21-29) and the Classic Car Show (Feb 4 & 5), so we will be glad when we get the desert back to ourselves!!  

We didn’t make it to the POW WOW, but we will try to attend the RV & Travel show tomorrow.  Wish us luck….

~Poor Camper ~

This poor man in the center

Now you can barely see him, as he got completely surrounded
The poor man that owns this Class C RV had a nice place to himself, where he would sit out and watch cars and people pass by, however got invaded upon by this RV group.  Deb  was curious if he was expecting his company, after speaking with him found out he wasn't, nor did they even speak to him before circling him.   The BLM rules states to allow 15 feet from ones camper – not too sure that happened  here! :(

 Time to dump "black tank" and get  fresh water?
Dump Line - about 12 deep, usually 3-4

No more 24 hour service - hopefully we will get it back in a couple of weeks.

There are many of groups that invaded the BLM land, however we got REAL LUCKY as our area is still VERY PEACEFUL! ;)

Good times ~ more around the corner....

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