Sunday, October 30, 2011

Life is good! :o)

Wow, it's hard to believe a month has already slipped by since Jerry retired!  Where does the time go?

For us, we have been able to spend some time with family, completed some projects, and helping Brother Bill get a few things done too.  Now we are looking forward to getting on the road, but first, we still have a couple of stops before heading "West".  Max has really enjoyed the country living as well; getting to roam freely, chasing wild life, swimming with the catfish and oh let's not forget trying to befriend a skunk.  Yes, a skunk!!   Well you're probably are thinking... how well did that work for him?   If you were thinking NOT so well.... you're right!!  We got to enjoy the wonderful aroma for the next few weeks.  Jerry always said; he like the aroma of a skunk, so I had to ask... How well do you like it now!?! :)~ LOL  NOT SO MUCH...we must really love our dog!!!

One project: Getting the "Winter Coat" put on "the toy"...
Summer Fashion

Winter Fashion


  1. it sounds like you had a heck of a time so far! for your sake, i hope the gas prices stay down, cuz it can't be cheap driving an RV pulling a trailer!
    seriously, i think there are alot of us who secretly wish we could toss it all aside take the freedom. good luck to you both!
    oh, and Jerry -you will feel me burning into your brain in the spring whenthe new ticket scanning hardware rols out and the troubles begin:)

  2. Had an interesting time getting the projects completed that we were not able to complete before leaving. Gas has been a real concern but when you realize we do not have a return home cost and we are only traveling to the next location we believe it is manageable. I hope all goes well with the new ticketing, it may be painful at first but should be well worth the trouble once it has matured. The new scanners are a complete unknown to me but Alvarado is in that business and i am confident they can make it work.
    Good luck and who knows may abe in your area some day.
    Stay in touch

  3. Nice to see that you've made some progress on the "toy." Now if you can only get Max to understand that skunks are not playful - maybe you should think about stocking up on some tomato juice! ~Holly

  4. Holly, you better believe I will keep some tomatoe juice (or soup) on hand for now on. I was not aware of that, being from the city. Max enjoyed his cold bath about as much as we enjoyed the smell at 10:30 The toy actually has the full doors on now , so I need to update the picture. Just maybe someday it will get COMPLETED, although I don't think so!!! :( We are currently in AZ enjoying 80 degree weather :))). But, I know the holiday season is here and it should be cooler, but not for me.

  5. You are definitely headed in the right direction - West!!! There is soooo much to see - you'll have a great time.